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Astrology is a science but the predication is an art

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Through   horoscope  any  kind  of   question  can    be solved, like service, business, marriage, future of life, Progress and any question you may have in  your mind.

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Details regarding payment.

For clients residing in India.

1. Only  Horoscope   (Computerised)  with no predications Rs. 51/-.
2. Horoscope(Computerised) with predictions Rs. 101/-.

For  clients residing outside India
1. Only  Horoscope   US $2.
2. Horoscope(Computerised) with predictions US$ 5.

Horoscope will be send   to you as soon as the cheque/dd is passed
in the bank .

Mail  Your Details on

Name ,Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy ),Time of Birth (am/pm),